The 3rd Pearl River Amason Digital Piano International Competition @ 2020

2020 Amason Key Events: Due to the epidemic, the event was held online in the early stage, which has formed a strong influence and participation on the Internet. There were more than 100 match points around the world, which lasted for half a year, and nearly 20,000 people participated. In the finals, there were 200 players, some of them from Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and other overseas divisions.

Due to the impact of the global epidemic, the event, initially planned as an in-person gathering, was transformed into an online platform during its early stages. This adjustment allowed the summit forum of “Made in China with good quality – The Development of Chinese Musical Instrument Manufacturing industry” to create a profound impact and generate extensive participation on the internet. The event spanned over half a year and attracted more than 100 participants from various locations around the world.

The online format facilitated widespread engagement, enabling individuals from different corners of the globe to actively participate. The event garnered significant attention, drawing the interest of nearly 20,000 people who shared a common passion for the musical instrument manufacturing industry.

Throughout the duration of the event, participants engaged in various match points, competitions, and discussions, leveraging the power of technology to connect and exchange ideas. The online platform served as a melting pot of perspectives, experiences, and expertise, enabling participants to learn from one another and foster a global community centered around the development of Chinese musical instrument manufacturing.

As the event progressed, the competition intensified, culminating in an eagerly anticipated finale. The finals brought together 200 players, representing a diverse array of talent from around the world. Notably, participants from Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and other overseas divisions showcased their skills and contributed to the global representation within the finals.

The inclusion of international participants further exemplified the event’s mission of promoting collaboration and understanding across borders. By embracing the global reach of the online platform, the summit forum celebrated the interconnectedness of the musical instrument manufacturing industry and encouraged cross-cultural exchange.

The online format not only allowed the event to overcome the physical limitations imposed by the epidemic but also extended its influence and reach far beyond what would have been possible in a traditional setting. Through this innovative approach, the summit forum successfully united a diverse community of professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders, fostering an environment of knowledge-sharing, innovation, and mutual growth.

The ability to adapt to the challenges posed by the epidemic and harness the power of technology enabled the summit forum of “Made in China with good quality – The Development of Chinese Musical Instrument Manufacturing industry” to transcend physical boundaries and create a truly global platform for collaboration and advancement.