Exploring Innovation: Hu Chunhua at Zhujiang Piano Base @ 2014

Hu Chunhua Visits Zhujiang Piano Base, Presented with Innovative Technological Achievements

On April 2, 2014, Hu Chunhua, who was the Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee at the time (now Vice Premier of the State Council), undertook a research visit in Guangzhou, during which he had the opportunity to visit the Zhujiang Piano National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base located in Zengcheng District. This visit aimed to gain insights into the development of the piano industry and explore the innovative advancements in intelligent digital pianos.

During the visit, Hu Chunhua was greeted by Li Jianning, the Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee and Chairman, and Huang Xianxing, the Deputy Secretary. They warmly welcomed Secretary Hu and provided a comprehensive briefing on the revolutionary technological achievements made in the field of intelligent digital pianos.

The photo captured the moment when Li Jianning and Huang Xianxing showcased the innovative technological achievements to Secretary Hu Chunhua. They highlighted the cutting-edge features and advancements in intelligent digital pianos, showcasing the Group’s commitment to technological innovation and its dedication to elevating the piano industry.

The Zhujiang Piano National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base served as a hub for research, development, and production in the piano industry. It aimed to promote the integration of culture and technology, fostering innovation and growth within the sector. Secretary Hu’s visit demonstrated the government’s support and recognition of the significance of the piano industry in Guangdong Province and its commitment to advancing the cultural and technological development of the region.

The interaction between Secretary Hu Chunhua and the leaders of the Zhujiang Piano Group exemplified the collaboration between government officials and industry leaders. It showcased the exchange of ideas, the sharing of achievements, and the mutual commitment to driving progress in the intelligent digital piano sector.

This visit not only provided Secretary Hu Chunhua with first-hand information about the innovative achievements in intelligent digital pianos but also served as an encouragement and affirmation for the Zhujiang Piano Group and its dedication to technological advancement. It underscored the importance of fostering a favorable environment for the development of cultural industries, such as the piano industry, and promoting technological innovation in Guangdong Province.

Overall, the visit of Secretary Hu Chunhua to the Zhujiang Piano National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base highlighted the government’s recognition of the piano industry’s significance and its commitment to supporting and promoting innovation in the cultural and technological sectors. It symbolized the close collaboration between government and industry and demonstrated the shared vision of advancing Guangdong Province’s cultural and technological landscape.