Warranty Coverage for FLYKEYS’s Piano

*This Warranty warrants the Product described overleaf against manufacturing and material defects only and for the warranty duration as printed overleaf only (hereinafter called “the Warranty Duration”)

*The Warranty Duration shall commence from the Purchase Date stated in your invoice/ receipt and the Warranty Duration may vary for such Product sold during and/or on promotional and/or special offers.

Gentle Reminder:

The 1 + 1 years limited coverage for digital piano is ONLY applicable to customers who has self-registered online.

1. Defects and damages arising from the product being serviced or repaired by any party other than by Authorised FLYKEYS Service Centres.

2. Defects and damages arising from improper installation and/or operation and/or maintenance, alteration, mishandling, abusive treatment, negligence, exposure to extreme temperature and humidity, attack by household pets and pests, abnormal voltage or the use of generators, fire and lightning and any Act of God.

3. Defects or damages due to corrosion, rusting, staining and water damage.

4. Normal wear and tear due to normal operational adjustment, battery replacement or normal maintenance damage.

5. Signal reception problems, usage of wrong electrical supply/ voltage, power line surge or related electrical abnormalities, lighting damage or acts of God; RF/EMI (interference/noise) caused by improper grounding or improper use of either certified or uncertified equipment.

6. Any evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof-of purchase documents.

7. Accessories such as antenna, AC adapters, batteries, cables, connectors, microphones, remote controls, heaters, etc supplied with the product.

8. Products on which the serial number has been detached, altered, obliterated, modified, removed, defaced, or parallel imported.

This warranty is only valid in Malaysia.

The decision of FLYKEYS Malaysia on all issues relating to defects, workmanship or materials with respect to products sold by FLYKEYS Malaysia shall be final and conclusive and the Customer hereby agrees to abide it.

E-warranty Slip MUST be presented by the Customer when requesting for any repair and/or service under this Warranty. In the event that the Customer shall fail to produce the E-warranty Slip, the Customer shall not be entitled to have the product repaired under the terms of the Warranty and the Customer shall be liable for the full costs of the service and repair at the standard charges of the Company prevailing at the time of service and repair.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Warranty claim is valid at Authorised FLYKEYS Service Centres within Malaysia only.

2. Upon discovery of defect, contact our Authorized FLYKEYS Service Centre. If the defect is a direct result of defective workmanship or materials, we will repair the defect within a reasonable period of time without any charges.

3. This Warranty does not include transportation, postage or courier fees for delivering the product to and from the Customer’s premises. For portable digital piano, customer is responsible to bring in their product to the Authorised FLYKEYS Service Centre and to collect them after service or repair.

4. Subject to availability, delivery can be arranged by the Authorised FLYKEYS Service Centre but all labour and transportation fees will be quoted based on the Company’s rate prevailing at that time shall be charged and the Customer agrees to and shall pay for all the charges in full upon completion of the service and repair.

5. Authorised FLYKEYS Service Centres and contractors shall not be liable in any way for any direct or consequential losses, damage or injury, costs or expenses of any kind or any delay in connection with any repairs and services under this Warranty.

6. All products sent in for servicing must be collected within one (1) months of notification by Authorized FLYKEYS Service Centre, falling which FLYKEYS Service Centre reserves the right to sell the product and recover any costs incurred, including but not limited to storage charges.

7. Any provision of this warranty prohibited by applicable law or by court decree will be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition, but such provision will not in any way invalidate or affect the remaining provisions of this warranty.

1. Do I have to register my Piano to claim the warranty?

Yes, registering for e-warranty allows us to retrieve the data and to be aware of the validity of your warranty period.


2. Can I claim my warranty overseas?

Your warranty claim is only applicable in the same country of your purchase. The warranty rules and regulation can alter depending on the country itself.


3. How can I buy spare parts and accessories for my piano?

Due to the level of technical skill required to carry out repairs or replacement of parts, FLYKEYS spare parts are not available to the general public.


 4. What will happen if I remove the serial number of my piano?

Your warranty will be FULLY voided as the serial number acts as the proof of your purchase with us.


5. Will I be able receive a full unit replacement if it is found to be damaged?

Yes, only after our authorized technician has confirmed that your unit can’t be repaired. A full unit replacement is only applicable to pianos that have manufacturing or workmanship defects.