How and where do I register for my e-Warranty ?

Just go to https://www.flykeys.com.my/warranty-registration/ and follow the few simple steps and instructions.

Can I transfer the e-Warranty anytime ?

Unfortunately, Flykeys warranty are non transferrable. However, you may still send in for warranty during warranty period.

Customer who fail to make online registration, will the warranty be void ?

customer will still enjoy the regular 1 year warranty term, provided the customer could present the purchase invoice to the Service Center when making a warranty claim. However, this customer will not enjoy the EXTRA 12 months warranty extension which is only exclusive for e-warranty registration.

What is the Warranty Duration ?

Generally, the warranty duration is one year for electronic and acoustic products which are qualified for warranty. However, if you register warranty online with us, you will be entitled for 1 more year of warranty.

How do I make a warranty claim ?

If you have registered for our e-warranty, please present your good for repair to the nearest Flykeys Authorised Service Centre, Our authorized technicians will be able to help to verify your product’s warranty expiry date.